• We have separate adult’s and children’s pools, so that all your family members can enjoy swimming at your own comfort.
  • We ensure the quality of the pool water is maintained well with daily cleaning of the pool and necessary chlorination to ensure hygienic condition.


  • The Gym is open from 6 am to 9 pm, probably the longest opening hours in Kathmandu!
  • We have well-trained physical trainers to attend to the members in the Gym and ensure that the physical training and safety of the members are looked after.


  • Separate male and female sauna rooms are at your service during assigned hours, with associated washrooms/toilets and clean towels.


  • Separate male and female sauna rooms are at your service during assigned hours, with associated washrooms/toilets and clean towels.



  • Nirvana is constructing a 44 feet long by 20 feet wide badminton court as per international standard.


  • Nirvana was one of the first health clubs in Kathmandu to launch Zumba classes with Shova Gurung, one of the leading physical fitness trainers in Nepal. Nirvana is offering morning and evening Zumba classes, please contact the Front Desk Officers at Nirvana Reception.


  • Nirvana is offering morning and evening Aerobics classes, please contact the Front Desk Officers at Nirvana Reception.

Aqua Zumba/ Aerobics

  • Nirvana introduce the first Aqua Zumba class in September 2011 and will be arranging both Aqua Zumba and Aerobics classes in 2012 also, just wait for the summer to heat up !

Group exercises

Nirvana introduced these group exercises in 2011 and plans to continue in 2012 also.

  1. Sculpt/ Pump – using weights, tubing, steps, plates and body weight. Suitable for all, depending on how heavy you lift.  Targets every single muscle of your whole body. Good for people who are looking for toned up body.
  2. Aerobics – mixture of Hi and Low impact aerobics with non-stop music to burn your excess body fat.
  3. Boot Camp Training – considered military training. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, bunny hops, star jumps, mountain climbers… you name it, you have all… It is ideal for people who like to push themselves to the limit!
  4. Pilate – mat base exercise targeting the core (mid section – ab). People who are looking for six pack ab, this is it!! Music selection two types – slow and gentle/ fast and furious.
  5. Kick boxing – hi-energy workout with drills of punches and kicks. Burns 400-500 calories an hour.

 All group exercises above are an hour-long class consist of Warm up (10-15min), Conditioning phase (30-45min) and finally Cool down (5-10min).

  • It is done with music depending on the class.
  • The group Instructor or an Aerobics Instructor is there to guide you and motivate you under his/ her watchful eye.
  • Done in a unisex group of male and female members.
  • It is suitable for all fitness levels and age group alike.
  • An hour-long class burns 300-500 calories.
  • Improves stamina, strength and flexibility!

Note: We will arrange paid classes when adequate number of members are interested.

Children’s Line Dance

LINE DANCE for Kids?

Call your children to the dance floor…kids are all about wriggle and bounce and jump, so it’s no surprise that they make natural line dancers.

  • Combine boundless energy with a thirst for knowledge and you’ve got a child primed to master line dance. Add structure to your little one’s exuberance with the Trainer and watch as they master step after step, all the while gaining coordination and confidence.
  • The Trainer will guide with step-by-step instructions and make it simple for children to follow along. Don’t be surprised if your child learns at an alarming rate JJJ
  • Line dance encourages friendly competition. Young line dancers are quick to ask a sequence – and there’s nothing they like better than teaching that step to a friend.
  • Allow your child to achieve mastery on his/her own before joining a group lesson.

Note: We held our first line dance class on 22 October 2011 and will be conducting more classes in future!


  • NIRVANA is introducing yoga classes soon, watch out for updates!

Medical Consultation

NIRVANA is not your usual health club….we want to provide you services beyond that. We have cardiologists/physicians in our management team itself and we will soon provide consultation services at the centre itself. This of course is in addition to the expertise that go into offering you wellness services balanced with a medical approach as well.

  • Cardiologist consultation (free first consultation for Platinum members, on-site paid consultation then on)

Add-on services

At a reasonable fee and on advance notice, special arrangements can be made for the following:

  • Personalized training
  • One-on-one counseling sessions with Exercise Therapist and Dietician/Nutritionist
  • Lifeguard for swimming lessons
  • Lifeguard for children’s school groups
  • Special events for pool parties for school children groups
  • Blood drawing for blood profiling (in consultation with the cardiologist)
  • Weight loss programs