Our Team

With this vision, Nirvana Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd (NIRVANA) was set-up taking over the management of Bamboo Grove, earlier managed by Shaligram Apartments Hotel. NIRVANA is a company set up by a group of health conscious professionals and entrepreneurs with a mission to provide quality wellness services in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Nirvana Management has a mix of professionals from the medical field, public health, physical training to entrepreneurs and management professionals – basically from the same target group we aim to serve – to ensure we understand the needs and do cater to these in a professional way, whilst trying to provide additional wellness services cost effectively.

The NIRVANA team strives for excellence with a result-oriented approach. While maintaining the good standards already in place, NIRVANA will strive to continuously improve the depth and level of services at the club premises including facility upgrades. We believe in continuous quality improvements and will keep the customer-focus while doing so.